The hot TV1.EU offer

It doesn’t matter if you want to broadcast a single event or stream 24/7 on line. TV1.EU’s Content Delivery Network and an encoder make the perfect couple for you and offer you the hottest deal in town.

Your audio signals and video signals will be generated in H.264 codec by the encoder. This codec is already now worldwide standard for the best ratio between resolution and bandwith and used by several professional Broadcasting companies.

If your Users demand High Definition quality you can satisfy this need already starting with 3 Mbit/s and with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. The benefit for you and your customers is that your content will be consumed in Flash which has the biggest market share (96% published by Adobe).

Our high performance Content Delivery Network, which is used by many of the big German TV stations to stream live Events like the Olympic Games in Bejing 2008, records the incoming signal and delivers it via our worldwide network. Every User receives the files from the co-location next to him.

The result: Short loading times, high-res videos and no juddering images.

If you like we will send you a ready-to-use system. As soon as you have it connected with the Internet and your audiosources and video sources, you can start to stream. Your Program can be managed with our web based VideoManagementSystem contentforce and we also deliver the flash video application that publishes your content for free to you. You can customize it’s design and create a branded channel it premium quality.

To find out more, please contact:
Michael Westphal
+49 (0)89 960 570 11